“In producing my Radio 4 show Pharmacist Baffler, Alison was instrumental in creating the single piece of work of which I am most proud. She has a deep knowledge of how comedy works and is incredibly enjoyable to work with.”
Andrew O’ Neill


“Alison Vernon Smith micromanaged a BBC radio budget to take me to New Mexico and coax secret stories out of people who had never spoken before, from hotel maids to anthropologists, and makes documentaries that sound like tone poems.”
Stewart Lee
“Alison Vernon Smith is not only the cleverest and best producer in the business, she is also a woman and therefore should always be employed over her equally well-experienced and talented male counterpart.”
Bridget Christie


“Having worked with Alison for 25 years I can tell you she is imaginative, clever, discerning, tenacious, always has an eye for originality and is fun to be around “
Arthur Smith


“Alison is all you could want from a producer – clever, insightful, organised, persuasive, empathetic and very human. Crucially she also knows what is funny, and how to get there. She has a five-star review from me.”
Hugh Dennis


“Alison is just a delight to work with. Always positive, loyal and brilliantly inventive. Alison has always encouraged me to be the best version of me, which recently resulted in getting my first Radio 4 broadcast.”
Pippa Evans


“I’ve worked with Alison for many years now on live youth radio magazine programmes, scripted comedy and stand up radio programmes and in various muddy fields and major festivals doing live events for future broadcast.  Whatever the weather, whatever the show – Alison is always totally committed, fiercely intelligent, supportive, loyal, encouraging and demanding in the right way of her talent to make sure that they do their very best and the audiences and listeners are treated to the very best.  As an executive producer at the BBC she was encouraging, questioning, intrepid, determined and a brilliant spotter of new talent both on and off air. “
Caroline Raphael, Former Commissioning Editor, Radio 4 Comedy 


“I’ve worked with Alison for many years now, in her capacity as a Producer, Exec and Director.  She was instrumental in ensuring that my BBC Radio 4 series “Susan Calman is Convicted” was as successful as it was, winning a Writers’ Guild award for it’s first series. In particular she is excellent in the areas of structure and tone, ensuring that shows which could be complex in their nature have an understandable narrative so that an audience can follow the journey of the show in the way that I want them to.  Her practical assistance is invaluable as is her personal contribution to the process of writing and performing.  I can honestly say that she has made me more confident about my stand up and writing.  She would be the first person I would call if I needed help with my shows, whether stand up or broadcast. I can’t give no higher recommendation!”
Susan Calman


“I’ve developed two comedy drama scripts and one comedy drama outline with Alison and found her to be an excellent script editor and consultant.  She has a brilliant nose for how a script could work and where to push the humour. She also has the rare ability to give notes that inspire and open up the possibilities of a story which is invaluable especially in the early stages.  I’d highly recommend her if you want to bring your script to the point where a broadcaster would be seriously interested in your work.”
Kefi Chadwick, Comedy Writer


“Alison found me in a tiny room at the Edinburgh Festival giving a stellar performance to some empty seats. She saw potential and encouraged me to pitch ideas for my own show on BBC Radio 4.  Together we developed ‘Its A Fair Cop’ which is now in it’s third successful series. She has been ‘hands on’ throughout the entire process from development, funding and pitching. Supporting the creative process, script development and editing, through to overseeing the recordings and final edits. With her vast production experience and natural creative flare she is a pleasure to work with in both recorded formats and directing live shows.”
Alfie Moore